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Salon Runway

All of our service providers work on a level system (Associate, New Talent, and Leveled). The level system accomplishes two main goals. The first is to provide a career path of growth and achievement for our team. The second is to provide several options for your various service needs. Service providers achieve level promotions based on the demand for their time. Guests may choose the level that best fits their needs and their budget.

Design & Style

Bang Trim                                  $13
Cut & Style                         $38-$68
Barber Cut                          $25-$41
Beard Trim/Line                        $11
Special Occasion               $46-$76


Absolut Repair                          

Repair up to 2 years of damage with this in-salon treatment that restores your hair's strength, elasticity, and movement! This treatment is recommended for color-treated, lightened, and natural hair. At-home products are available for purchase to maintain your salon-quality results.

Color Elixir ProTreatment                $27
Revitalize your hair and scalp with this supercharged treatment. It restores health, vibrancy, manageability, elasticity, and vitality, leaving no residue or build-up. This treatment is recommended for color-treated or lightened hair.


This treatment is a MUST-HAVE for any color correction (e.g., box dye gone wrong) as it naturally removes unwanted pigment without compromising the integrity of the hair or lifting your natural color.

Prep your hair for chemical services, remove chlorine/minerals/salts,  soothe away dryness, or restore shine and manageability with a Malibu treatment customized to fit your hair needs and goals.

Metal Detox                             

Gently remove metal particles from your hair to prepare and protect it for optimal color deposit.


This treatment repairs, rebuilds, and restores your hair's structure, strength, and stability and reduces breakage caused by chemical services and heat tools to make it healthier and stronger.

Color & Texture

Color Consultation

If you are unsure of whether your goal hair is reasonable and within your budget, start with a consultation. 

Root Touch Up
$61-$106 | 90+ minutes

Refresh your hair roots to match the rest of your hair. Choose this service if it has been 4-6 weeks since your last professional color service and/or you have less than 2 inches of root grow out. For root grow out of 6+ weeks and/or more than 2 inches, choose the Single Process service.

One Color All Over
$81-$141 | 120+ minutes
Color your entire head from roots to ends with a single shade of your current color or darker (excludes lightening services). For highlights/lowlights, choose the Full Custom service. For vibrant, uncommon colors, choose the Vivid Fashion service.

Full Custom
$145-$235 | 180+ minutes
Elevate your hair color with highlights, lowlights, and/or multidimensional coloring. Choose this service only for common, natural colors (e.g., blonde, black, brown, auburn, etc.). For vibrant, uncommon colors (e.g., blue, green, purple, etc.), choose the Vivid Fashion service.

Vivid Fashion/Color Correction
$166-$256 | 180+ minutes

Stand out with unique, vibrant hair colors or fix hair color mistakes like unwanted tones, uneven hair color, or box dye gone wrong.

Custom Perm
$76-$136 | 90+ minutes

GK Smoothing Treatment
$250 | 90+ minutes

The GK Hair Taming System w/ Juvexin is a keratin-based system with straightening capabilities that naturally wash out within 3-5 months. It protects & restores the hair without using harsh chemicals. Take-home shampoo and conditioner are included with the service.

Associate ($): Aspiring professionals who have recently earned their cosmetology license and are dedicated to learning and mastering the art of hairstyling. Appointments with Associates are by request only and will include direct guidance and support from our Leveled Stylists.

New Talent ($$): Established professionals who have recently joined Capelli's, are going through or have completed our training program, and are committed to growing their skills and building a clientele. Appointments with New Talent may include direct guidance and support from our Leveled Stylists.

Leveled ($$$-$$$$$): Master professionals who have honed their skills, provide exceptional service to guests, and are skilled and successful hair stylists in the industry. Appointments with Leveled stylists often need to be scheduled weeks to months in advance. 

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