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Service Provider Levels

Match Your Wants & Needs with Our Skills & Expertise

At Capelli's studio & spa, we value continuous improvement and growth. Our salon company's leveled system creates an environment of hands-on learning, collaboration, and team cohesion. We set goals, make plans to reach them, and then honor goal attainment with a "leveling up" celebration. 

This means that you, as our guest, have an opportunity to select the provider that best meets your service wants and budget needs. Please read through each of our levels to decide which level best aligns with your wants and needs.


IMPORTANT: high-quality, personalized service is given by every provider level!

Levels 5 & 6


Associates are licensed professionals who recently graduated from a professional school and have obtained their cosmetology license.  Our associate stylists have just been introduced to our salon company's training program and are enrolled in advanced training under our coaches. Please take note when booking with one of our associates that you are part of the learning experience.  Their heavily discounted prices reflect their “New Talent” student status and, therefore, may not include a “redo” guarantee.  This level may not always be available, and please consider your time availability when booking as they are working on service expediency. These are request-only employees.

level 1

Level 1 service providers have taken numerous classes and have graduated from the associate program by working with a coach. Some providers may join our salon company at an L1 if they have had prior related work experience.  Although they are still receiving a heavy dose of training through classes and on-the-floor support, they are fully certified and qualified to offer any of our services.  At a higher price point than associates, you can expect upskilled services at affordable prices.

level 2

Level 2 service providers have attained the knowledge of an L1 service provider and have demonstrated their knowledge repeatedly over time. L2 service providers have been promoted based on Capelli’s requirements for specific classes and have demonstrated expertise and proficiency.  L2  service providers are carefully selected for their technical skills and professionalism.  

level 3

Level 3 service providers are well-educated and experienced professionals. At this point, they have worked their way through our level system and are continuing to build and grow their career.  Their commitment to ongoing education keeps them at the forefront of new techniques and trends.  Working harder to achieve the goal of becoming a Coach, our Level 3 service providers are always on top of the latest trends and will be ready to offer you a new style no matter the challenge.

level 4

Level 4 service providers are on the verge of becoming part of our salon company's coaching program. These stylists have been with Capelli’s for many years and continue to strive to reach goals and give the best customer experience possible. These technicians are usually booked out for a few weeks.

levels 5 & 6

Master Designers

Master Designer service providers are our most experienced technicians and have been in the industry for multiple years and have a full clientele. They are acknowledged inside the professional network as leaders in their field. With years of experience, extensive training, and many thousands of hours behind the salon chair, they are truly the best of the best.  Master Designers are active educators in our salon as well. Our most experienced specialist brings rich experience to our guests and acts as a mentor for our team, also known as a "Coach" or "Team Leader". Please be aware that our Master Designers typically have associates working beside them who are learning how to provide high-quality guest services.  Also, keep in mind that our Master Designer stylists are booked very far in advance so we recommend booking 2 or more appointments.  Master Designer prices are the highest in the salon because they have completed advanced levels of education and meet numerous goals. These service providers will also have the opportunity to participate in our salon & spa company's shareholder program.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Associate Level
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