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What We Do


AT CAPELLI’S STUDIO & SPA, OUR GUESTS ARE OFFERED BUDGET-FRIENDLY, high-quality SERVICE OPTIONS for all of their hair, skin, and body needs.


How We Do It


Each service provider's career path for growth and success is based on REPUTATION, EDUCATION, and DEMAND (R.E.D). As our service providers increase their positive feedback, knowledge, and influence, they earn the opportunity to be promoted to a higher service level. This means that Capelli’s Studio & Spa guests get the opportunity to choose a service provider that best complements their service requests and budget needs.


Why We Do It





Heart: we are committed to empowering one another through communication, collaboration, and cohesion as a team.

Mind: we are committed to continuous learning so that we can uphold the high service standards that Capelli’s Studio & Spa has become known for.


body: We show up on time and ready to serve our guests. Once engaged in providing a service, we build relationships with our guests through conversation and education.


Soul: we are a team with one goal in mind --- to ensure our guests leave satisfied with their providers and services. 

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